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 Le 25 avril 2013 à l`Abbaye de Neumünster a eu lieu le vernissage de l’exposition « A la recherche de la vraie beauté » du peintre moscovite Azam ATAKHANOV

 Le projet a été réalisé par l’Art-partenariat luxembourgeois- russe sous le haut patronage du Ministère de la culture de Luxembourg et de l’Ambassade de la Fédération de Russie au Grand-Duché de Luxembourg avec le concours du Centre culturel et scientifique de Russie.


"Economic Strategies’ – is an academic business-journal, No.12(86) 2010, pages 50-56«Face-to-Face with the Client’ – a CB Corporative Information digest

Sivankov A.A ‘Russia’s Potential In The Sphere Of New Technologies Creation And Development (According To Western Experts’ Estimates)’.

 «… currently Russia, according to the Western estimates, is a state possessing a fairly good capacity in the sphere of new technologies. But in order to achieve the goals which it sets forwards, the RF Government must adopt a number of high priority measures for stimulating innovation activities including the improvement of higher education, increase of the volume of R&D state financing, provision of tax privileges and perfection of the legislation regulating the activities of research and development organizations, involved in the sphere of new technologies and innovations.'


 «Russlavbank», No. 21/2008 page 25Interview of Sivankov A.A.: ‘Assistance To Companies In Risk Management During Crisis.’

 In the modern environment only those companies remain competitive that base themselves on quick flexible planning, that promote innovation decisions, screen and control all possible risks.

The period of crisis – is the best time for territorial diversification of investments, entering new markets and transactions of mergers and acquisitions of foreign companies. And we are ready to render competent support to our partners under these projects…’

CNC Bulletin  ’Strategy and Competitiveness’, No.10(22) October 2007, pages 67-69

Sivankov A.A. ‘Risk Management – Is A Prerequisite Condition For  Competitive Growth.’

In the modern conditions only those companies remain competitive that base themselves on quick flexible planning, and innovation promotion.’

Besides, Companies’ value-based management which gradually comes to the fore in management performance, proves to be connected with work in high-risk environment'.

‘This situation objectively requires from heads of enterprises more prudent and well-judged conduct of business, including during the evaluation of the external environment and internal business processes.’

CNC Messenger ’Strategy and Competitiveness’, No.2 (14) February 2007, pages 80-84
Sivankov A.A. ‘Do SUEs (State unitary enterprises) in Moscow Have Got Strategic Relevance?'

"… preservation of government property for certain enterprises (MIC, aerospace industry etc) is a relatively adequate response to a number of strategic challenges, which have been and are currently facing Russia.’
‘…state sector plays an important role in providing the country’s economic and military security.  Foreign experience of state enterprises’ functioning shows that their activities should be considered not only from the position of profitability, but based on the assumption of their functional use and role in the society.’

Research and practice journal ‘Property and Market’ No. 2, 2004

Moscow ООО "Science and Technologies", 2004
Sivankov A.A. ‘Government Regulation of Micro-Entrepreneurship’, pages 17-23
‘Small businesses have to compete for their markets with high domestic and foreign money. This preconditions the micro-entrepreneurship’s need for the protection at the internal market by way of conducting by the state of the protectionist economic and legislative policy. The state is interested in the support of micro-entrepreneurship as a potential guarantor of social and economic stability...'
‘…Mechanism of State support of micro-entrepreneurship includes legislative and
regulatory and legal framework, elimination of administrative burden; credit-financial and investment support of small businesses; informational support and assistance in the organization of security of small businesses' performance.'

Research and practice journal ‘Property and Market’ No. 6, 2004

Moscow ООО "Science and Technologies", 2004
Sivankov A.A. ‘Organization of State Control Over Federal Property’, pages 6-10.
‘As business practice of state enterprises during the period of market-oriented reforms has shown, many of them have deliberately avoided the control over the administration of state property’.
‘In order to implement the tasks of state control over the federal property throughout all facilities and areas of business, the Russia’s Ministry of Property Relations  (Minimushchestvo) should organize and provide the functioning of a single control system over the state property possession, use, disposition and management.’

Materials of the conference of International association of an enterprise and a person’s safety, Moscow 2003
A.A. Sivankov ‘Analysis of a Company’s Financial Soundness and Business Reputation’:

* Types of information resources;
* Main aspects of a business partner’s evaluation;
* Sources of publicly available information;
* World practice of credit bureaus;
* Topical issues of legislative control over the information analysis companies’ activities.

Business-plan: Development Methodology.

Moscow. Publishing House "Os-89", 2002
Sivankov А.А.
Chapter 2. Methodology Of Business-Plan Sections’ Composition; pages 53-125.
Chapter 4. Planning Of An Enterprise’s Technical Development; pages 145-150

Sivankov А.А. Foundation of an Enterprise’s Entrepreneurial Activities.

Textbook. Moscow. Publishing House "Prometheus", 2002
The book incorporates main components of an enterprise’s entrepreneurial activities, i.e. conditions and factors of the enterprise’s activities, strategic planning, business-plan, marketing, the enterprise’s organizational structure.

"Governmental Regulation of Economy and Taxation Problems"

Materials of an interuniversity conference
29 March 2002
Moscow All-Russia State Tax Academy with the RF Ministry of Taxation, 2002
Sivankov А.А. "Problems of Governmental Regulation of Small Businesses’ Activities"; pages 140-143.
"The analysis of all the negative factors’ combination and identification of cause-and-effect relations between them shows that the key feature of micro-entrepreneurship which should be taken as a basis of the state policy, is a high degree of dependency of its situation from the macro-economic indices’ dynamics and the factors of external environment’s influence…"

Regions of the Russian Federation 1994-2000гг.

Social-economic analysis
Financial potential
Issues of
attracting investments
Moscow, RAS. Public Institute of scientific information for the social sciences, 2001

«Problems Of Attracting Investments Into Regional Economy». Pages 124-134
…for improvement of investment and entrepreneurship climate, it is also necessary to establish equal competition conditions for all commercial entities throughout the country’s territory…
…under the conditions of insufficiently high investment rating of the Russian Federation, the inflow of additional foreign investments depends, primarily, on additional guarantees, provided at the regional level. Foreign investors consider political guarantees provided jointly by authorized representatives of the RF President in Federal Districts and heads of the RF constituent entities’ executive agencies as one of the main guarantees…